If you have any questions that are not listed below, please send us a message and we will aim to reply with an hour (during the working day.)


  • How long will it take to create my website?

Every site is different, the more elements that you require in your site will detemine how quickly we can complete the project. Obviously the larger e-commerce sites will take longer to create than the smaller landing page sites, but we generally say that 3-4 weeks will be the general lead time.

  • Can I pay extra to get my website sooner?

We don't give one customer preference over an other, however if you need your site complete for a certain date then we can offer an expidited service where we work overtime to complete a site faster. We can only do this with one company at a time, so please contact us to see if we have the availability to perform this for you and the costs involved.

  • What if I don't like the design on my new site?

We will talk in depth before we start the construction of your site to avoid situations like this. Furthermore we will send you links and passwords to view your site before it is live so you can see the progess of your site in real time, and if there is any changes you require then we can do them then and there. Even after your site is complete we are still able to amend some details of your site to make sure you're 100% happy. However what we will not do is a complete site rebuild, which is why you are able to view the site while it is being creaeted.

  • Can I make amendments to my site after it is complete.

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know what you want changing/ updating and we will do it for you FREE of charge for the life of your product. Some of our customers have monthly deals on so we change these for them once a month. This service is subject to fair useage policy, and if we feel this service is being abused we do hold the right to refuse the update. As mentioned above we will not perform a full site rebuild, this is for minor updates, so if you are still unsure please drop us a message.

  • Can I pay for SEO on my site?

Search Engine Optimiser is an arduous task which some companies charge quite a lot of money for doing on it's own, but we include it as standard in all of our websites to help you the best we can to reach your potential customers. You won't see results immediately but the whole point in having a website - in our eyes - is to get your name out there and make people aware of your presence, failing to perform SEO tasks is not only irresponsible but defeats the whole purpose of creating a website.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my site?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to upgrade to a larger package just let us know and you'll only pay the diffference between the package you're currently on to the one you want to be on. Most customers don't downgrade as the hosting fees are the same regardless of the size of the site, however downgrading may be an option for you if you no longer wish to sell or manage an online store. We offer the downgrade service FREE of charge for the lifetime of your product. (Please bear in mind that we don't keep any of your data after you've downgraded so if you decide to go back to a higher package at a later date then this will have to be paid for.)

  • What does it cost every year to keep my site up and rnnning?

You only pay us once a year for your hosting fees and that is it. It is a one off payment on or before your anniversary date made in full once a year. Currently this is £75 and will only be increased on very rare occasions for the life of your product. See our terms and conditions for more information.

  • What happens when I cancel my services?

Every year we pay the costs involved with running you site on your behalf, we will not pay these until you have first paid us so you do run the risk of loosing your domain name if these are not paid on time. As the yearly fees are paid upfront, if you decide to cancel your product mid year then there is no possible way to issue a refund as we ourselves will be paying for yearly products as well - like your domain name. However if you wish to cancel your services with us we can either shut the web page down then and there or leave it up and running until your anniversary date.

  • Do I own the website or am I just renting it off you?

Some companies register the domain in their names which can create complications when you deicde to move the site to a competitor as it is legally theirs, so in affect you are just renting it off them and are suseptable to any charges they may bring for either updates or hosting increases. To safeguard you from these kind of issues we always register the domain in your name so you will be the legal owner of the site,

  • Can I transfer my domain to another hosting service?

As the domain will legally be your site you are free to do with it as you wish but if your hosting fees for that particular year have already been paid then, unfortunately, we can't issue a partial refund for that year.

  • What domain names are included in the packages?

You can pick any name what so ever for your domain, as long as it is available. We don't charge extras for different suffixes (.com .uk .co.uk .org etc) however certain domains are classed a premium and a price tag comes attached. We do not offer these premium domains as standard with our sites (as they can literally cost thousands of pounds) and it is not us that charges the amounts, these are set by the domain registrars. When you take out a package with us, we will discuss your domain name, and the costs involved, before we undertake any work from you. We have yet to have a customer who has had to pay any extras for their domain. Most domain registrars have search engines available to see what domains are available and they will also show if they are premium or not.

  • Will I be shown how to run my site?

To be honest your site should be self sufficient, so you shouldn't need to do anything. We will send you monthly updates about your visitors and any forms will be set up to send mail directly to you. We will show you how to use your email account and some premium features do require your input from time to time, but we will walk you through each stage as it comes, nothing we ask you to do will be complicated. The only way you may need to access your site would be if you wanted to manage the stock of you online shop yourselves. We can manage your online shop for you (your fee will depend on the amount of products and the volume of sales, but our prices are incredibly competative.) However if you would prefer to do this yourselves we can show you how to use this feature and we're always here if you get stuck.



  • What is hosting?

Your website will be saved on a server, this can then be accessed by the public when they type in your domain name. The hosting fees are the costs involved in keeping your site saved on the servers and the maintainence needed to keep your site up and running. The more storage, bandwidth, and better the servers where your site is located will affect how your site can handle traffic loads to your site, this is especially the case for online stores. Our servers are incredible at handing multiple issues, however the cost to run these is not cheap, which is exactly why there is a yearly hosting fee. This fee also covers the domain cost as well, which needs to be paid anually to the domain registrars, so we feel that £75 hosting fees are very competative.

  • Do I have to use your hosting?

The domain is yours to host a web site on any servers that you should so wish, however to maintain and update the site we create would require access to the programs that we use, therefore if you don't have these programms then the website can't be updated. So you can take the domain where ever you wish however the site we create can not be transferred over so you would have to build another site.

  • Will my site be secure?

Yes. Amazingly all of our packages come with an SSL certificate as standard, which other companies charge quite a lot anually to renew. What is even more remarkable is that we will automatically renew these for you every 90 days to further protect your site and visitors.

  • Why are your hosting fees so cheap?

Were are not really trying to make profit from our hosting fees, we only really charge what we ourselves have to pay to keep your site running. The reason why some companies fees are sometimes double or more is because they are making money from the hosting. We don't do that, we charge for the webdesign and that's it.

  • How do I pay for my hosting fee?

Your first year of hosting is included in your web design package, from year 2 this is currently £75 per year. This has to be paid on or before your anniversary date otherwise you may run the risk of loosing your domain name. You can pay securely via our store with card or PayPal, the hosting fees are located in the web design product. You can also telephone and pay via card or send a bank transfer. Details of which will be emailed to you in the months before your annivarsary date.

  • What happens if I don't pay my hosting fees?

You have the first right to re-purchase your domain name and you can even pay for multiple years at a time to save even more money, which will help with issues like not paying your hosting fees on time. As soon as your anniversay date has come and gone if you have not paid your hosting fees then we will not pay your domain costs on your behalf, this means that someone else is able to purchase the domain - they won't have access to you website or data so please don't worry about that - but your website won't be visible anymore when someone types in the domian name. Your site will still be able to be accessed by us, so if this happens we can use a different domain name if you then decide to keep the site running. However if you have not paid your hosting fees within 30 days after your anniversary date, then it will be removed from our servers. We will still be able to access this at any point in the future so if you want to open up your website again we are more than able to do so and we will resume where we leftt, so there would still only be the £75 hosting fees to get you back up and running.

  • When is my anniversary date?

This is set when we first take your deposit/ payment for the site as we will immediately purchase your domian and upload your base site to our servers. Even if we have spoken in great details prior to the exchange of money the date is only set when we purchase your domain.